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Apartment development The development with 90% loan to cost ratio, tight deadlines. No-pre-sales, no fixed contract. Currently under offer


The developer did not want to do pre-sales, wanted to manage the project solely with no fixed contract in place. We have arranged the finance and met all client’s requirements with Interest rate of 6.5% per year.

Townhouses development (6m+)

International trading company with private personal & business loans, wanted to refinance and consolidate debts. They sought bank’s support for the business and future development. The client was accepted by the bank and was able to improve the business performance.

Business lending (3m+)

The client had 100% developer income with the large total lending amount.  The developer wanted to buy land to build and sell. We refinance the current investment portfolio from several of financial companies to a bank and helped the client to get lending to purchase the land.  The client was accepted by the bank as…

Developer (10m+)

The client had an uncleared bad record in the bank, has several companies’ closures through the years with substantial drop of income. Wanted to expand his commercial portfolio and grow the business.

Commercial + residential, mixed portfolio (5m+)

The clients had a bad credit history, defaults, short-term debts, and private loans. They wanted to get back to the business and financial stability. We helped them to consolidate the debts and finance the client with a bank.

Large portfolio customer (5m+)

The client had only 10% deposit to buy a house of his dream. Meantime he had 7 short-term debts which supposed to be the number one reason for decline. The case was accepted by the bank as “outside-of-the policy” application.

Home Loan (under 1m)

The client’s application was declined by all banks but one with a previous broker due to insufficient income. We restructured entire application and proved his ability to meet obligations.  We help him successfully to get a home loan from main bank. Now, he has his home and investment property and keep growing.

Home Loan (under 1m)