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Who We Are

TY Investment Group is a Mortgage advisory that provides a wide variety of home & business loan options. The advantages of using us rather than going straight to a bank is that we can potentially negotiate tighter deals and better rates + maximise the amount of borrowings available.

We can also provide specialist expertise for the more complicated financial situations. We regularly help  people who are self-employed, have bad credit or need an investment property loans.

What a lot of unsuspecting borrowers do not realise is that interest rates you find online can be generic, and it may not be relative to your situation. Call us to receive tailored loan advice and service.

See below for a general idea of the sort of products we offer.

    • Bridging Loans: an advance to purchase while you wait for money.
    • Business Loans: top up operating cash flows.
    • Construction Loans: a series of loans to build a home or development.
    • Commercial Loans: an advance to secure assets for sale.
    • Home Loans: an advance to purchase real property.
    • Personal Loans: an advance to spend on anything you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a query drop us a line for a quick response.

We work with banks, 2nd tier lenders and borrowers. We try to understand the appetites of each bank or lender so we can best match them to our clients. Negotiating interest rates and


We cater to the residential and commercial sectors. From home loan options, such as revolving credit facilities or specialist bad credit deals. We do them all. We can secure funding for asset and company acquisitions, credit-lines and more. Ask us about our private investors options for those complex projects.


We like to take a whole-view approach. Your individual character profile is built when we assess your income and debts. We can never guarantee you will fit into a criteria available on the current market, but we can still provide you free advice on reaching your objectives.  Owing to our extensive list of contacts, retained over the years, we are very likely to raise you capital and will go above and beyond to do so.


We speak Russian, Mandarin and English.

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